Introducing the brand-new Performance Plan, taking trolley technology to the next level.

Available now on all M5 GPS, M5 GPS DHC, & M-TECH GPS models, the game-enhancing upgrade plan unlocks a selection of never-seen-before performance-enhancing features.

All new and existing GPS trolley owners are entitled to a no obligation FREE trial:

  • M5 GPS | 6 months
  • M5 GPS DHC | 6 months
  • M-TECH GPS | 12 months
  1. M5 GPS Electric Trolley Folded
    M5 GPS Electric Trolley

    Integrated GPS, responsive touchscreen and game-enhancing features

  2. M5 GPS DHC Electric Trolley Folded
    M5 GPS DHC Electric Trolley

    Adds Downhill Control and an electronic parking brake to the M5 GPS

  3. M-TECH Electric Trolley
    M-TECH GPS Electric Trolley

    Luxury finishes, extended warranty and integrated GPS technology