S1 DHC Electric Trolley

Introduced last season, the S1 DHC (Downhill Control) trolley incorporates the same features as the popular S1 model, but can maintain a constant speed while moving down a gradient – even on the steepest of slopes - thanks to a special single motor that offers downhill braking coupled with the UK’s first electronic parking brake.

The S1 DHC also features the super-fast QUIKFOLD assembly mechanism, soft-touch ergonomic handle, plus EASILOCK™ bag connection system.

IDEAL FOR : Golfers looking for an easy-to-use trolley for undulating courses



  • Downhill Control (Automatic)
  • Electronic parking brake
  • Nine speed settings
  • Speed & Battery indicators
  • Streamlined battery tray
  • QUIKFOLD mechanism
  • Soft-touch ergonomic handle
  • Low-profile wheels
  • Anti-clog front wheel housing
  • EASILOCK™ compatible

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DIMENSIONS*:850mm(L) x 595mm(W) x 355mm(H)

*folded dimensions


Media Testimonials

Simon Daddow, Today's Golfer:

"Here at TG we’ve played hilly courses with electric trolleys before and its never any fun (and can be dangerous) getting dragged down a steep slope by a heavily laden powered trolley. So letting the DHC do the thinking and taking the strain was a real treat."

“Not all hilly courses are lumpy and bumpy the whole way round, so how hilly does a course need to be to warrant a DHC? Well we reckon if you currently have an electric trolley and find on more than just a few holes the need to park the trolley “across the slope” rather than facing up or down it then the DHC could be a sound investment.”

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Joel Tadman, Golf Monthly:

“Overall this trolley really was a joy to use and I recommend it to any golfer who tends to play a lot of hilly golf courses. Motocaddy's downhill control trolleys are already a bit hit on the continent and the S1 DHC is set to be just as popular here in the UK.”

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Martin Hopley, Golfalot:

“As a trolley offering, the standard S1 would easily get 5 stars as it is a well put together, well designed, competitively priced 'point and shoot' trolley.

The extra cost of the DHC version puts it into the higher price bracket where you have other trolleys with more options such as automatic distance, USB chargers and GPS holders, so it is hard to say whether it is good value from that point of view.

On the other hand it is currently the cheapest trolley out there with a DHC function, so if you aren't interested in bells and whistles and don't want to be taken for a ride on a hilly course then it starts to look like a good buy.”

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James Savage, National Club Golfer:

“Firstly, everything about this trolley feels premium once you put it into action. The Motocaddy cart-bags are lovely too. This trolley is smooth, quiet and very easy to operate. But we already knew that about the S1.

We took the S1 DHC to one of most undulating parts of the course at Moor Allerton (the side of the 18th fairway) to test out the automatic downhill braking. Heading down one of the steepest slopes on the course, I could actually feel the trolley checking up. I was even able to take my hand off the trolley and let it run on it’s own which was very impressive. I then stopped on the very steep slope and applied the electronic brake. This couldn’t be easier to use – simple turn the speed dial the opposite direction until a ‘P’ is displayed. The S1 DHC wasn’t going anywhere with the brake applied which gives you peace of mind to hit your shot without worrying your trolley won’t be there when you return.

The S1 is a fantastic product and for me, the DHC version is a must if you play on a hilly golf course. The technology really works makes it worth spending the extra money.

We can’t fault this trolley in any way. Top marks Motocaddy.”

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