Frequently Asked Questions



How heavy are Motocaddy batteries?

How long does the battery take to recharge?

I have just received my new trolley, put the battery on charge and the light has gone green in less than an hour, is anything faulty?

If I only play 9 holes, do I still have to recharge the battery before the next game?

Is my battery ready to use as soon as the green light shows on the charger?

Should I buy a second battery?

Should I fully discharge my battery from time to time?

What happens if my battery stops before the end of my round?



What is the maximum weight that a Motocaddy trolley can carry?

What service does a Motocaddy trolley require?

What should I do if my display screen has misted up during use?

What warranty does a Motocaddy trolley come with?

Will my golf bag fit onto a Motocaddy trolley?